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A photo of Jill Scott, the education director at Next Generation Village, a teen rehab center in Sebring, Florida.

Jill Scott – Education Director

Education Director

Jill Scott has worked as an educator and an at-risk counselor in many capacities over the last 20 years. She focuses on change and improvement, initiated first by finding out what the barriers are, helping people overcome what stands between them and success, and then discovering ways to support this journey. She strategically develops and tracks individualized plans for each client or patient to determine the progress and growth. Her expertise comes from both on-the-job experience and educational achievements during her time at the University of Central Florida, where she received a bachelor’s degree in liberal studies. She holds a master’s degree in science education from Nova Southeastern University, a master’s degree in school guidance counseling from Lamar University, a master’s in educational leadership from American College of Education, and a master’s degree as an IMH Counselor from Lamar University. She is also an IMH counselor with an M.A. from Lamar University.

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