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About Us

Our Mission

We help transform the lives of teens addicted to alcohol and other drugs or who have co-occurring mental disorders, and we provide hope for families who are affected by the consequences of drug use.

Our Vision

We will help lead patients to recovery and build long-term relationships with affected families so that, together, we are able to overcome teen drug and alcohol addiction.

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What We Treat

We treat adolescents facing substance use disorders and co-occurring mental health disorders, such as attention-deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD), anxiety and depression.

Substance Abuse

The National Survey on Drug Use and Health shows each day roughly 8,000 people aged 12 or older will use an illicit drug for the first time. The 2015 Monitoring the Future study revealed 10% and 8% of eighth-graders and 35% and 24% of high school seniors had abused alcohol and drugs, respectively, in the past month.

These statistics may be shocking and they cannot be ignored. That’s why Next Generation Village Teen Drug and Alcohol Rehab is committed to helping teens recover from substance use disorders using scientific and evidence-based methods.

Co-Occurring Disorders

According to the National Institute on Drug Abuse, as many as six in 10 people struggling with addiction also suffer from a mental health disorder, but less than 10% of that population will ever get treatment for both conditions.

At Next Generation Village Teen Drug and Alcohol Rehab, our treatment professionals know substance use disorders often trigger mental health disorders and vice versa. We provide a full continuum of care to combat adolescent co-occurring disorders, addressing both parts of their dual diagnosis so they can make lasting strides toward recovery.

Who We Treat

Treating teen substance abuse requires an elevated level of expertise and patient care, which we are proud to have established at Next Generation Village Teen Drug and Alcohol Rehab. Specifically, we work with teens aged 13 through 17. This population is the most vulnerable to developing substance abuse problems, but also has the most potential to recover. We believe working with this age group is essential because it gives teens the best chance of living a happy, healthy, sober adult life.

How We Help

Next Generation Village Teen Drug and Alcohol Rehab takes the guesswork out of recovery by using a scientifically-proven method — what we call the three-pronged approach — to treat teen addictions and ensure a long-lasting recovery. The three prongs — therapeutic learning, cognitive healing and medical assistance — all contribute to well-rounded patient care, which we further individualize with our therapeutic experience.

Personalized Programs

All of our treatment programs are tailored to fit each patient because addiction isn’t one-size-fits-all, and neither is teen recovery.

This is where the three-pronged approach comes in — using this research-driven method has consistently matched patients to the level of care they need, proving following research and empirical data is a critical step in rehabilitation.

  • Therapeutic learning involves teaching our patients about themselves, their addiction and how to live a sober life once they leave Next Generation Village Teen Drug and Alcohol Rehab.
  • Cognitive healing is a holistic growth method we use to help patients address the “why” behind their addiction, including any emotional turmoil or co-occurring disorders they may be facing.
  • Medical assistance eases our patient’s recovery so they can less time feeling sick and more time getting well.

Why Choose Us

Next Generation Village Teen Drug and Alcohol Rehab is one of several centers in the Advanced Recovery Systems (ARS) network. Founded in 2012 by a dedicated team of physicians and clinicians, Advanced Recovery Systems has connected countless people of all ages to treatment for mental health and substance use disorders. Using the resources of a national network, Next Generation Village Teen Drug and Alcohol Rehab provides high quality, evidence-based care for adolescents. With a team of dedicated, qualified addiction treatment professionals, Next Generation Village Teen Drug and Alcohol Rehab is committed to helping your teen conquer their addiction.

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Our Staff

It takes many talented people to make your teen’s recovery possible. All of our staff, from doctors and therapists to admissions specialists and the facility manager are hand-picked for their professional expertise and dedication to helping our patients. Together, they represent some of the finest minds in teen addiction treatment and recovery.

Our Facility

Our facility was specifically designed to support and comfort our patients during their treatment. Certain amenities promote a healthy lifestyle, like a gym and on-site chef, while others are designed for comfort, like spacious bedrooms with private bathrooms and Lake Sebring views. Location also plays a role — we selected Sebring, Florida, to be the home of our world-class recovery facility for its ease of access for patients across the U.S. and a climate that fosters fun patient amenities like a swimming pool and outdoor volleyball and basketball courts.

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If your child is struggling with an addiction we can help. Next Generation Village Teen Drug and Alcohol Rehab is ready to help your teen on the path to recovery from addiction. Contact us today to learn more about our evidence-based treatment programs and the admissions process.

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