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9 Great Reasons to Go to Rehab Now

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It is okay. You do not have to admit it to anyone or even say it out loud, but you know deep down that something is just not right.

Maybe it is related to the drinking and the drug-taking, and maybe it is not. Here is the thing: unless you are absolutely sure about what the problem is, you may want to consider doing something to try and figure it out.

Sure, it may seem like a big step or even overkill. Before you dismiss the idea, here are nine reasons why rehab might be a good idea – while you are still a teenager.

    1. You do not have to pay for it out of your own pocket. Chances are, your parents’ health insurance (or Medicaid) will cover much or all of the cost of the program. If you wait until you are an adult, it might be more financially difficult to enroll in rehab.
    2. The stakes are lower now. If you put off entering rehab until you are no longer a teenager, you could have to deal with adult-sized problems like getting fired from your job or thrown in jail before you decide to get help. Since you are a minor right now, you do not have to worry about stuff like that.
    3. You are better at coping with change. Kids and teens are naturally more skilled at handling unfamiliar situations than adults (you do it at the start of every school year with new teachers and classes, right?). So, as hard as rehab sounds now, it will probably be even more difficult once you reach adulthood.
    4. Remember how you felt and looked a few years ago? Don’t you want to feel and look that way again?  You cannot deny that you have changed since you were younger, and not completely for the better. If you take a chance on rehab, you could wind up a lot more carefree and happy in the future.
    5. Are you tired of your parents/siblings/relatives/friends looking at you like that? You can see it in their eyes. They know something is up, even if you insist everything is fine. Now imagine how they will look at you once they know you are stepping up and tackling your challenges. People respect that.
    6. Are you tired of being tired? Or sick? You know the drill. Once the high is gone, the aftereffects of the booze and the drugs start ravaging your body. Are those fleeting moments of euphoria really worth feeling like crap all the time?
    7. What if your drinking or your drug-taking is actually masking something worse? Maybe getting high is not your problem. Maybe it is just a symptom of something bigger or scarier; after all, that is a pretty common situation. Rehab is good at getting to the root of the issue – and helping you to conquer it.
    8. Imagine being with people who get it. You are probably right: your parents and friends do not know what you are going through. Know where there are people who have been where you are right now – and care enough to teach you practical ways to deal with it? You guessed it – rehab.
    9. Imagine getting a “do-over.” Ask anyone, and they will probably tell you something like “If I could do things differently, I would…” Guess what? Going to rehab as a teenager gives you that opportunity. If you seek treatment now, there is a decent chance that by the time you have put your teen years in your rearview mirror, the people in your adult circles may not ever know that you did rehab.

Yeah, it is scary, and it may not be easy. But having the courage to address the problem now (when you have a tighter support system like you parents around you) gives you time to get yourself together before you get pushed out into the real world (where you will be on your own).

If you are still not sure, just commit to spending a few minutes on one phone call or live chat session to get some more details about rehab. Seriously, what do you have to lose?

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