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Partial Hospitalization

What is Partial Hospitalization?

A partial hospitalization program offers teens who are seeking recovery from substance abuse and addiction the intensive therapeutic intervention they need to stop taking all drugs and alcohol while learning how to avoid relapse. It also provides the freedom to return home each night and apply what they learned in treatment in a safe and supportive environment. The program offers a range of therapeutic and medical interventions that will empower your teen to stop using all substances and start living a life that will allow him or her to thrive. Comprehensive mental health and substance abuse treatment on an outpatient basis can give your teen all the tools needed to get back on track while rebuilding or maintaining strong, positive relationships at home.

Benefits of Partial Hospitalization

There are a number of benefits to choosing a partial hospitalization program, but like all aspects of recovery, treatment should be highly personalized to the needs and experience of the individual patient. For teenagers who live in a home that may in some way be enabling their use of drugs and alcohol (e.g., a parent or sibling who is also struggling with substance abuse, a chaotic or tumultuous atmosphere due to unbalanced family dynamics, frequent absence of an involved adult caregiver, etc.), it may be more effective to enroll in an acute program with 24/7 supervision as they work their way back to a more healthful lifestyle.

In some cases, returning home to such a personal, one-on-one supportive environment can be even more beneficial than an acute program, especially when teens are early in their use of drugs and alcohol.

Can Partial Hospitalization Help Your Teen?

Partial hospitalization programs are not for everyone. For example, for teens who have previously attempted to recover from addiction by utilizing an intensive outpatient treatment or partial hospitalization program in the past but were unsuccessful, an acute treatment program may be a better choice. If you’re unsure what the best course of treatment is for your family, call Next Generation Village. Our highly trained staff can answer any of your questions about our program and our admissions and medical professionals can help decide if partial hospitalization or another treatment program is right for your family.

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