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What Is an Intervention?

Experts at the Mayo Clinic say that an intervention provides an addicted person with a “structured opportunity to make changes before things get even worse.” That’s an incredibly apt description. In an intervention, the family sits down to formally discuss the teen’s addiction issue. They outline the changes they’ve seen, the fears they have about the issue, and the treatment options that could bring the teen relief. Some families hold surprise interventions. They meet for several weeks in advance of the conversation, and with the help of an expert (known as an interventionist), they come up with a script for the talk.

Some families have more organic interventions. In some cases, the family may meet with an interventionist for weeks discussing options and the teen may be a part of these talks. IN other cases, an intervention is a loose, unplanned conversation without an interventionist. They simply sit with the teen and discuss their fears, the treatment options open, and the changes they’d like to see.

The Role of an Interventionist

An interventionist is a professional who helps families confront their loved ones about addiction or other difficult subjects. They help the family come up with a script for the confrontation, assist in rehearsing the script and are typically present when the confrontation takes place. During the intervention, they serve as the moderator.

Benefits of an Intervention

When done right, an intervention can be a remarkably powerful tool that can help to transform a teen’s life. In fact, interventions are so powerful that they can even change a teen’s addiction course if the child refuses to enter treatment. Given that interventions can be so powerful on their own, it’s easy to understand why they can change the life of teens who enroll in treatment. They start to get better in an intervention, and they build on that success in a formal treatment program. Everything about their lives begins to change with that talk.

Parents can benefit from speaking with an addiction professional, too, as they can gain support and suggestions. The changes they might make after a conversation like this could make an addiction less rewarding for a teen.

  • Set better consequences for teens who use
  • Structure family outings so they don’t include any kind of substance abuse prompt
  • Set aside their own addictive tendencies
  • Build a happier family, regardless of whether or not the teen gets sober

Can an Intervention Help Your Teen?

Precisely-timed, heartfelt and rehearsed interventions have been proven to serve as wake-up calls for teens under a haze of substance abuse and addiction. Although they don’t work for everyone, interventions often help a teen realize how dangerous their behavior is, how it’s affecting their family, and are presented with options to fix the problem moving forward. Next Generation Village can help facilitate an intervention in your family, providing a crucial step in getting your child the help they need to reform the rest of their life.

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