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Gender-Specific Treatment

Boys and girls tends to have different struggles and needs during recovery. We offer gender-specific treatment programs that address the unique issues that each gender faces.

Tailored Treatment Programs

Teenage guys working together Teens recover more easily without the distractions of a mixed-gender environment. Having same-gender therapy groups relieves both girls and boys of the pressure to impress each other. Everyone feels more open to express themselves, which boosts engagement in recovery. Also, each gender tends to have similar co-occurring conditions — same-gender peers find it easier to relate to one another’s struggles.

Are Teens Separated by Gender in Rehab?

At our facility living arrangements are separated by gender, with girls on the ground floor and boys on the second. Accommodations are identical in quality and layout. Girls and boys are unable to access one another’s living floors. Your teen will spend the majority of their time in groups with their own gender. At Next Generation Village, we believe that limited, supervised interaction between genders is healthy during treatment, since your teen must learn to live comfortably and healthfully in a world with the opposite gender.

Drug Rehab for Teenage Boys

Teen boys are more likely than girls to externalize their pain, engage in delinquent activity and suffer from disruptive disorders. Clinical psychologist Robert N. Jamison, who led a study on gender differences in drug abuse, said that addiction in boys “…usually stems from problematic social and behavioral problems that lead to substance abuse.” Teen guys laughing at the beach

Common Struggles

Many teen male patients with addiction suffer from the following co-occurring disorders:
  • ADHD (attention-deficit/hyperactivity disorder)
  • ODD (oppositional defiant disorder)
  • Impulse control disorders

Building Healthy Relationships

Boys who suffer from addiction may leave friendship-forming by the wayside in order to engage in behaviors feeding their addiction. It is crucial to every child’s recovery that they build healthy relationships and strong support systems. Our boys’ rehab program allows boys to share their experiences with one another and learn to form solid bonds with people of the same gender.

Drug Rehab for Teenage Girls

Teen girls are more likely than boys to internalize their pain and suffer from co-occurring traumatic stress disorders. Sadly, many of the adolescent girls that we treat have survived sexual assault and are uncomfortable sharing in the presence of boys.

Common Struggles

Many teen girls with addiction suffer from the following co-occurring disorders:

Building Healthy Relationships

Some of the teen girls who arrive at Next Generation Village lack close relationships with other girls. A significant part of every teen’s recovery involves learning to build meaningful friendships with peers. Our girls’ rehab program allows girls to open up to one another and form healthy bonds.
Girl friends smiling at the beach

Girl friends smiling at the beach

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