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As a parent, it can be difficult to navigate the world of mental health and addiction during the teen years. Understanding how addiction and mental illness work in teenagers and the early stages of their development, can enable parents to engage in early intervention strategies. No teen is immune to developing teen addiction and some teens may even be more susceptible to it.

Learn more about the teenage years, teen drug use, teen drug rehab, parenting teens with addiction and preventing teen substance abuse with the related pages listed below. If you know a teen that may be struggling with teen drug abuse please contact Next Generation Village to learn more about our evidence-based treatment programs specifically for teens.

Understanding the Teen Years

The teen years can be full of ups and downs and teen development is mixed with the pressures of school, relationships and peers. Learn more about the teenage years and how they have an impact on teen addiction and mental health issues.

Teens Lying

Teen Ghost Apps

Teen Slang

Distinguishing Normal Teen Behavior from Early Warning Signs

Why Teens Engage in Risky Behavior

Peer Pressure

About Teen Drug Use

The teens years are full of teen experimentation and that includes experimenting with drugs. Learn more about teen drug use including common drugs used by teens, drugs and brain development, where teens get drugs and more.

Why Some Teens are More Susceptible to Addiction

Drugs and Teen Brain Development

Top Drugs Used by Teens

Teen Drug Paraphernalia

Where Teens Get Drugs

Questions About Teen Addiction and Rehab

Although some teens may experiment with drugs only once, others may be unable to stop once they start. Luckily, there is help for teens struggling with substance abuse. Learn more about how addiction can affect your teen and teen addiction treatment.

What to Do After Realizing Your Teen’s Addiction

What to Do When Teens Ask Why Rehab

Should I Hire an Interventionist?

What Happens When Your Teen Gets a DUI?

What to Do if Teen Fails a School Drug Test

What to Do When You Discover Teen Drinking

Parenting Teens with Addiction

If you have a teen struggling with addiction you may need to adjust your parenting style to give your teen the best chance at lifelong recovery. Learn how to parent a teen in recovery from addiction.

Enabling Teen Addiction

Parenting Styles

Drug Testing at Home

Grieving Your Teen’s Substance Abuse

Understanding the Addicted Teen Brain

Holding Your Temper When Talking to a Teen with an Addiction

Preventing Teen Drug Abuse

Although it may seem that teen substance use is inevitable, it actually is 100% preventable. Talking to your teen about the health effects and consequences of drug use can help deter your teen from engaging in drug experimentation. Learn more about how to prevent teen drug use and abuse in your child.

Age Appropriate Communication About Drug Abuse

Talking to Kids About Drugs

How Often Should You Talk About Drugs

Telling Your Child About Your Past Substance Abuse

Preventing Teen Drinking and Driving

Preventing Teen Prescription Drug Abuse

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