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Teen Meth Related Topics


Meth is a stimulant that increases energy, alertness, and feelings of pleasure. The full chemical name is methamphetamine. People use meth because it makes them feel euphoric. Some people may even use it to increase their productivity because it lowers their need for food and sleep.

As of 2018, the prevalence of meth use is low amongst 12- through 17-year-olds. For example, 0.7% of 12th graders (or 1 in 142) reported using meth in their lifetime. Meth use appears to increase with age. In 2017, about 0.3% of 12- to 17-year-olds had ever tried methamphetamine in their lifetime. In the same year, 3% of people ages 18- to 26-years-old had ever tried meth.

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