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Yoga Isn’t Just a Physical Exercise

a group practicing yoga Did you know that yoga isn’t just a physical exercise? It’s a form of mind-body medicine that integrates an individual’s physical, mental and spiritual components to reduce physiological, emotional and spiritual suffering. There are four basic principles underlying the teachings of yoga:
  1. The human body is comprised of interrelated systems inseparable from one another and the health of one system impacts all systems
  2. Individuals are unique and therefore must be approached in a way that acknowledges individuality
  3. Yoga is self-empowering which means the student is their own healer
  4. The quality and state of an individual’s mind is crucial to healing
Through the practice of yoga one learns the skills to reduce anxiety, tolerate negative emotions, encourage non-judgmental thoughts and identify triggers. This process helps patient’s suffering from addiction shift from a mindset of self-inflicted harm and disrespect toward their bodies to more respectful, caring, and loving behaviors. In other words, yoga plays an important role in the promotion of meaningfulness in recovery from addiction. Current research suggests that the skills, insight, and self-awareness learned through yoga and mindfulness practice can target physical, neural, physiological, and behavioral processes implicated in addiction and relapse. That’s why Next Generation Village partners with Kula for Karma to provide yoga classes to all patients at no cost. Please visit the following website for free meditation downloads:

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