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What is Teen Rehab Really Like?

Teen drug rehab

Entering a teen drug rehab program is an enormous step and a positive one. It can feel intimidating, but that feeling soon passes. Before long, you will settle in and begin to feel more comfortable. You will get sober and you will learn vital skills for managing addiction. You will also meet other teens with the same struggles and start building healthy family relationships again.

If you are thinking about rehab, talk with your parents. It is one of the most important decisions that you will ever make because it could save your life.

What Do You Need in a Teen Drug Rehab Facility?

It is important for you and your parents or guardians to work together to choose a drug rehab center with options. Teen Vogue says what works for one teenager might not work for another, at least not in the same combination. That is why holistic or “whole person” treatment is so effective.

Treatment options created just for teens can help uncover the causes of addiction, personal triggers, underlying conditions (such as ADHD) of which you might not be aware, and relapse risks. Personalized treatment options help you build self-esteem and take control of your recovery by understanding what caused your addiction and providing a custom-tailored program.

Teen drug rehab

What Can You Expect From a Teen-Centered Rehab Program?

Drug detox is often the first stage of rehab. If the drugs are still in your system, eliminating them sets the stage for recovery. Programs that offer medically-assisted detox make this challenging part of rehab more comfortable and less likely to lead to relapse. Professionals will be with you 24/7 to provide the type of symptom management and help you need.

After detox, inpatient treatment can begin. Living on-site in a teen drug rehab center gives you the benefit of round-the-clock care and attention in a comfortable environment.

This stage of recovery offers numerous types of therapies, such as group sessions with other teens, one-on-one sessions with a counselor, mental health therapy if it is needed and several other possibilities. Therapy helps you learn healthy ways to cope with stress, avoid drug relapse triggers,  and find ways to develop better family relationships.

What Will the Facility be Like?

Teen rehab is typically in a campus setting with young women in one part of the facility and young men in another. Living on campus gives you every possible advantage because an experienced staff is always there to help.

Expect the facility to be comfortable and modern. The campus will be clean, safe, comfortable, bright, and a healthy environment for recovery. You might share a room with another teen in recovery, and the food will be nutritious fuel that a recovering body needs. There will be a swimming pool, gym, and other areas for exercise as well.

Most drug and alcohol treatment programs last between 30 and 90 days. Although you will live on-site away from your parents, family support is an important factor in recovery. Because you will soon be home again, family therapy sessions help you rebuild trust and strong family bonds, even if those relationships are difficult right now.

You are not alone in addiction. There are other teens on the same journey to recovery, and there are compassionate, knowledgeable adults waiting to help you succeed. The CDC says that drug addiction and overdose numbers are climbing again. If you are among the ones struggling with addiction, there is no reason to become a statistic. Talk with your parents and contact us today. We are ready to help!

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