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Self-Esteem, Addiction, And Why Yoga Helps

Self-esteem refers to feelings we have about ourselves and our perceived value. In fact, it can be said that self-esteem is a general judgment about ourselves. Development of self-esteem begins during early childhood and can shape the direction of our lives. People with high self-esteem generally believe that they’re of importance to others and have confidence in their abilities and decisions. People with low self-esteem often think they’re unimportant, have feelings of distrust and believe they’re unliked by others. People suffering from low-self-esteem feel lonely and separated from others because of a belief that they will fail, be laughed at or judged. Studies show that low self-esteem is a crucial factor in substance abuse among adolescents. It does not take any kind of uniqueness or talent to consume or abuse alcohol and drugs; they are completely accepting of all comers. They will not judge or discriminate. For many people with low self-esteem this provides an escape from themselves, so they don’t have to deal with the pain of feeling inadequate or less than. A regular yoga practice can help reduce the side effects of low self-esteem and is an effective tool in the recovery process. Why, because yoga teaches self-acceptance! Yoga provides a direct means of stilling the natural turbulence of thoughts through the use of mediation, mindful awareness and physical exercise. Loving oneself is a journey of highs and lows. Self-love doesn’t come easy, nor is it straight-forward. Yoga teaches the importance of patients and responding to one’s negative thoughts with love, acknowledging them but not letting them define our value. That’s why The Recovery Village partners with Kula for Karma to provide yoga classes to all patients at no cost. Please visit for more information.

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