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A Parent’s Resource Guide to Teen Addiction

When they need help or find themselves in over their heads, kids (even teenagers) tend to turn to their parents for answers. But what should parents do if they don’t know how to help their children, especially if their teen is struggling with addiction or substance misuse?

There are many resources for parents and teens alike, including: This website is sponsored by the American Academy of Pediatrics and offers guides such as A Parent’s Guide to Teen Parties. Parents of adolescents can learn about substance misuse as well as drug treatment options.

Partnership for Drug-Free Kids: This nationwide organization provides a parent toolkit that covers how to keep teenagers substance free. The group has a knack for successfully engaging with teens.

National Institute on Drug Abuse(NIDA):  The sponsor or underwriter of numerous studies and surveys about teen substance misuse, NIDA also leverages this knowledge to offer evidence-based suggestions about drug treatment and recovery.

Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration (SAMHSA):  Since substance misuse and mental illness often go hand-in-hand, treatment plans should be customized to meet an individual’s unique needs. This is where SAMHSA really shines.

Mothers Against Drunk Driving (MADD): This 39-year old group has now expanded its efforts to focus on keeping teenagers from experimenting with and becoming dependent upon alcohol, regardless of whether they plan to drive.

Alcoholics Anonymous and Narcotics Anonymous: Both of these organizations offer teen and young adult meetings, and these websites can help parents find such a gathering in their area.

Al-Anon and Alateen: Unlike AA and NA, these two groups concentrate on helping family members of people struggling with substance misuse or addiction. Parents can attend meetings, listen to podcasts or browse the site for resources.

SMART Recovery: An acronym for Self-Management And Recovery Training, SMART programs focus on helping individuals develop the coping skills and strength needed to make positive changes in their lives.

National Drug and Alcohol Treatment Referral Routing Service: This helpline provides parents with a place to call if they want to talk about their lives or their teens’ struggles. It’s 1-800-662-HELP.

Substance Misuse Treatment Guides

Offered by SAMHSA, these online brochures contain helpful information for families of substance-misusing teens. Topics include Alcohol and Drug Addiction Happens in the Best of Families, Family Therapy Can Help and What Is Substance Abuse Treatment?

Treatment Service Locators

Treatment locators can aid parents in finding teen addiction treatment programs that are best suited for their child. Here are some of them:

Though there are plenty of options for parents of teens who are dealing with substance misuse, the most important choice a mother or father can make is to take action. These types of problems usually don’t go away by themselves, and many teens don’t just “grow out of them.” The sooner that a parent takes steps to help their teen, the greater the odds are that their child can complete a successful recovery and lead a substance-free lifestyle as an adult.

If you feel that the best course of action for your teen is drug treatment, contact Next Generation Village today for information on the various types of programs offer specifically for teens.

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