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  • Date Rape and Drugs: What Every Teen Should Know

    Some teenagers may dismiss their parents’ admonitions about the dangers of alcohol and drugs, especially if the kids have used these substances before without incident. Teens often do not realize that their parents are trying to protect them from calamities that are much worse than hangovers or underage drinking citations. One of the worst outcomes […]

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  • How Does Teen Addiction Treatment Differ from Adult Addiction Treatment?

    Addiction treatment for teens must differ from addiction treatment for adults. Here is why. In fairness, scientists once believed that a child’s brain was the same as an adult brain without the wear and tear. Only recently have scientists discovered that the human brain is still being formed well into a person’s twenties. As a […]

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  • The Worrying Link between Bullying and Substance Abuse

    It may be hard to believe, but the term “bully” originated as a term of endearment back in the mid-16th century (much like “sweetheart” or “bae” are used today). Its meaning deteriorated as time passed, and today the Merriam-Webster Dictionary defines a bully as “one who is habitually cruel, insulting, or threatening to others who are weaker, smaller, or in […]

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  • Recovery Schools Offer Place for Teens to Fight Addiction

    For teens who are abusing drugs or alcohol with their school peers (or even at school), a wise solution is to take them out of school and place them into an inpatient substance abuse program. What about when the teens finish their treatment? Do you put them back into the same school where they can […]

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  • How to Help Your Teen after Drug Rehab

    There are countless myths surrounding teen addiction. One of the biggest ones is: “Things will get so much easier once your teen gets out of rehab.” In reality, rehab is just the first step on a long and challenging journey. After all, completing a substance abuse rehabilitation program is not like taking antibiotics to cure […]

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