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  • Teen Addiction Treatment: First Steps for Parents

    “Sweetheart, I think you have an addiction.” Those may be the hardest words that a parent must say to his or her child. Certainly, it is difficult for the son or daughter to hear. However, because it clearly identifies the problem, saying out loud that your teen is addicted to drugs or alcohol is a […]

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  • Study Reveals Transgender Youths at Greater Risk for Substance Abuse

    In the past, research has been able to identify risk factors in children that correlate with an increased risk for alcohol and drug abuse. Some of these conditions include a lack of parental supervision, early aggressive behavior, and poverty. Now, a new study has discovered another risk factor: being transgender. The Chapman Study The results […]

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  • Back to School Alert: How to Prepare Your Kids for Drug-Related Peer Pressure

    Now that kids are back in school, it is perfectly understandable for parents to feel a bit of relief. Instead of moms and dads tending to their children nearly 24/7 during the summer, teachers will be educating and entertaining them. Coaches and activity instructors will be training them. Classmates will be tempting, coercing, and pressuring […]

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  • Teens and Court-Ordered Addiction Treatment: 14 Things Parents Should Know

    It is the news that no parent wants to hear. Your teenage child has been arrested on drug charges or has been found by the police while he or she was high on drugs, impaired by alcohol, or both. While this may be a setback for your teen, it is not the end of the […]

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  • What is Teen Rehab Really Like?

    Entering a teen drug rehab program is an enormous step and a positive one. It can feel intimidating, but that feeling soon passes. Before long, you will settle in and begin to feel more comfortable. You will get sober and you will learn vital skills for managing addiction. You will also meet other teens with […]

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