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  • The Wrong Message: What Teens Believe About Substance Abuse

    Perception is everything for a teenager. You can produce all the scientific evidence in the world to prove that grass is green – and then show them green grass – but if they have decided that grass is purple because they heard it from a source that they have deemed to be more reputable than […]

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  • Co-occurring Disorders Common Among Young Adults in Recovery, Says Study

    A new study in the Journal of Substance Abuse Treatment has found that co-occurring disorders are a common issue for young adults who are in recovery for substance abuse or addiction. Behavioral disorders were the focus of the study, but a great deal of research has piled up over the years demonstrating that co-occurring disorders […]

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  • E-cigarettes: A ‘Quit Smoking’ Tool or a Drug-Using Device?

    E-cigarettes have been touted as a great way to quit smoking, a smoke-free nicotine vehicle that allows the “smoker” to avoid the carcinogens in cigarettes and the negative effects of smoke as they work on cutting back on nicotine until they are no longer addicted to the substance. Unfortunately, a number of concerns have slowly […]

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  • Pediatrician Group Says No to In-School Drug Testing

    The issue of drug and alcohol use on high school campuses is undeniably a problem in the United States – in some schools more so than others. In an effort to deter those who would get high or drunk during school hours, there have been a number of options suggested. One of the most controversial […]

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  • ‘The Talk’: How and When to Talk to Your Kids About Drugs and Alcohol

    If you’re like most parents, talking about drugs and alcohol with your kids can feel awkward, distasteful, or uncomfortable. It’s not a fun talk, but it’s one that is necessary. Why? Because it gives your kids the chance to discuss their concerns and ask questions of someone who has accurate answers (i.e., not their friends), […]

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