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  • New Study Shows Opioid Treatment Medication Can Benefit Teens

      A new research review from Yale University found that for teen opioid abuse, the use of opioid treatment medication may be helpful. Researchers, who were led by Deepa Camenga M.D., an assistant professor of emergency medicine at Yale School of Medicine, looked through scientific literature to find evidence of the effects of opioid treatment […]

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  • Improv Show About Teen Substance Abuse Brings Awareness to Middle School Students

      Recently in Milford, Massachusetts, the Drug Story Theater made a stop. The Drug Story Theater offers a unique and creative way to approach teen substance abuse prevention. Seventh-graders filled the auditorium at Stacy Middle School for the show from the Drug Story Theater, and many raised their hands when asked if they knew someone […]

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  • Massachusetts Bans Sale of all Vaping Devices for Four Months

      Recently, the governor of Massachusetts declared a public health emergency and enacted a four-month ban on the sale of all vaping products in the state. This is the first action like this to be put in place in the United States. Governor Charlie Barker’s order was approved by the Public Health Council in the […]

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  • Teens Turning to Cigarettes to End Their Vaping Addiction

      New evidence is coming to light, indicating vaping is leading some teens to begin smoking cigarettes or to return to smoking cigarettes in an attempt to stop vaping. This comes at a time when the rate of teens smoking cigarettes had shown serious declines, and some are worried these numbers could once again surge. […]

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  • High School Teens Develop Addiction Recovery App

      Two New Albany High School students have created an app to help teens who are dealing with addiction. Juniors Meghana Karthic and Rita Kret have been designing the app since their freshman year. The teens are developing the addiction recovery app for Technovation, a worldwide nonprofit that empowers girls to use technology to solve […]

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