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  • How to Handle Grief for a Teen with a Substance Use Disorder

    Dr. Elisabeth Kübler-Ross proposed half a century ago: “Grief goes from denial to anger to bargaining to depression to acceptance.” Somewhat later, the Swiss psychiatrist who developed the “5 Stages of Grief” in 1969 regretted that her model was misunderstood and admitted that grief doesn’t proceed in a “linear” fashion. This is especially true when […]

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  • 11 Things Teens Should Know About Cocaine

    There’s no shortage of information about cocaine. The trouble arises when trying to figure out what’s accurate and what is “fake news.” Should you believe what movies and music tell you about cocaine, or heed the warnings issued by your parents and teachers? Do you trust your friends or peers to tell you the truth […]

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  • Parents Ask: Should I Hire an Interventionist to Help My Teen Get into Rehab?

    If you’ve ever watched the A&E TV series “Intervention,” you may be familiar with the idea of assembling the loved ones of someone who grapples with addiction and trying to convince them to get help. While the interventions you see on TV usually make for entertaining drama, interventions don’t always play out that way in […]

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  • Adolescent Brain Development and Addiction: What We Know

    In November 2018, tens of thousands of people descended upon San Diego to get the inside scoop from some of the superstars in their field. No, it was not ComiCon. It was Neuroscience 2018, which featured dozens of presentations that revealed the results of cutting-edge research into the human brain. Hosted by the Society for […]

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  • Teens Ask: What Does Meth Do to You?

    Many parents and teens may wonder about the effects of methamphetamine, also called meth. Because meth is known for its near-immediate effects, it appeals to people who want a quick high. However, the drug can also have serious long-term effects — even months after you stop misusing it. The Deceptive Pleasure of Meth Meth causes […]

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