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Las Vegas Program Helps Teens Recover from Addiction

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In the midst of a national opioid crisis, communities and authorities are innovating to provide solutions. After collecting data in the Las Vegas Valley, an estimated 30,000 teens were forecasted to stand a high chance of drug and alcohol addiction.

In response to the problem of teen addiction, the state of Nevada began funding a new program specifically for young people. The program, Alternative Peer Group Las Vegas (AGP), is a drop-in, after-school center where teens who are suffering from a substance misuse disorder can work on their recovery. Its mission is “to introduce alternative ideas about recovery that are driven by peer mentors who create a culture that is recovery friendly for young adults by promoting healthy activities in a nurturing safe environment.”

AGP is part of a larger effort that includes free drug addiction treatment centers to help people who are struggling with addiction and dependence. Free centers like APG operate based on the knowledge that a large segment of the population that struggles with addiction have difficulty accessing treatment resources.

Peer-Run Program Offers Accountability and Support for Teens

The teen treatment program at APG aims to get students to reflect and become aware of their actions. This approach encourages teens to take accountability for their actions while also receiving support from program leaders and peer mentors.

For many teens who struggle with addiction, the use starts early in an environment of substance misuse. It can be difficult for them to recognize unhealthy behaviors and know what to do. Because many of the programs at APG are peer-run, participants can get support from other teens who understand what they are going through without judgment.

Focus Is on Creating a Recovery-Friendly Culture

Part of the mission at APG is to create a positive recovery culture. For many teens, peer pressure can be what got them to start using. During these years, the pressure to fit in and be part of group activities can be overwhelming.

Recognizing this element, APG encourages positive peer pressure: peer mentors actively encourage participants who are in recovery to be healthy, sober and in control. In this way, APG is creating a community where teens can meet sober friends who can support them in their sobriety and form lasting, positive relationships.

Finding the Fun in Recovery

A key part of the approach at APG is that recovery can be fun. How do they do this? APG’s programs offer several different engaging activities like art therapy and dance therapy. These types of substance abuse treatments are intended to open participants to express themselves, be creative and use their imagination to realize their potential. Group therapy is both a personal and social activity that allows teens to interact with one another while reflecting as individuals.

By making recovery fun, the program tries to instill in every participant the drive to find enjoyment in everyday life. This positive attitude can help teens to confront and move past their struggles and look forward to a bright future.

If your teen is struggling with addiction, you are not alone. There are many treatment programs that are designed to help teens recover. Reach out to Next Generation Village today to learn about our teen addiction programs.


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