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How Next Generation Village Supports Teen Alumni

Written by: Melissa Lyon
Edited by: Melissa Carmona

group of teen alumni coming together in support

Addiction treatment can help prevent teens from carrying destructive behaviors and habits into adulthood. However, treatment at a rehab facility only creates a foundation from which patients can thrive. Lifelong recovery involves working through struggles in healthier, substance-free ways, but it’s far from an easy journey.

This is why alumni services are so important: they allow people in recovery to get help when they’re about to slip up. Alumni services also help clients stay committed to sobriety, continually learn new recovery strategies and address the underlying causes of their addiction.

At Next Generation Village, we understand how vital alumni support and aftercare services are for your teen’s continued healing. This is why everyone who completes treatment at one of our facilities receives a fully customized aftercare plan, as well as access to a wide range of alumni support resources.

Aftercare Planning

As your teen makes their way through their rehab stay, a team of recovery experts will work with them to create an individualized aftercare plan that fits their needs. Typically, aftercare at Next Generation Village will include:

  • Services provided by therapists, mental health providers or addiction counselors
  • Peer support groups or 12-step groups like Alcoholics Anonymous
  • Individual, group or family therapy sessions
  • Relapse prevention plans to help prevent future substance use
  • Academic support services
  • Follow-up appointments to evaluate ongoing progress
  • Access to a variety of in-person and online recovery resources

These services help set teens up for success following their rehab stay. With the help of aftercare, adolescents can find a supportive group of peers going through similar situations; this can help people in recovery hold themselves and one another accountable for ongoing progress.

Aftercare also allows teens to continue the healing process that began in rehab, as it often takes many months or even years to fully work through the emotions, behaviors and thoughts that led to substance use in the first place. The relapse prevention plan also helps teens determine which situations or environments trigger them, learn how to avoid these situations and figure out what to do when triggers become overwhelming.

Alumni Access

In addition to aftercare services, those who complete treatment will gain access to a number of helpful alumni resources. These include online treatment apps and patient portals that allow teens to continue ongoing therapy, learn more about addiction and mental health, improve overall wellbeing and much more.

Telehealth App and Patient Portal

Our new telehealth app brings a new level of accessibility. Now, from the comfort of their own home, clients can receive virtual therapy for mental health and substance abuse. The app connects clients to licensed professionals who can provide treatment, support and maintenance medications if needed. All someone needs is a smartphone, tablet or computer to connect with an expert online.

Additionally, alumni can sign up for our patient portal and gain on-demand access to a variety of helpful recovery tools and resources. These include clinical education videos, guided yoga lessons, online journaling services, breathing exercises and similar holistic approaches to recovery.

Online Resources

Next Generation Village and its sister facilities host a wide range of educational, free-to-access resources online. On our websites, you can find information on different types of drugs, forms of treatment, recovery strategies, recent news, client testimonials and much more. In addition, we provide educational video content that’s both informative and easy to understand. These resources can be invaluable sources of knowledge for the parents of teens with addiction.

Video Resources

Our official YouTube channel is home to hundreds of videos that cover frequently asked questions, facility walkthroughs, drug addiction information, recovery strategies and more. Our website also hosts more than 75 clinically-led educational videos, with much of the content focusing primarily on mental health, substance use and recovery.

On-Demand Addiction and Mental Health Webinars

In addition to the video content on our YouTube channel and website, we provide free access to our online addiction and mental health seminar recordings. These webinars cover a broad range of topics and are each led by mental health and addiction professionals who are experts in their respective fields. Common webinar topics include treatment approaches, recovery strategies, self-care techniques, the role of family and more.

If your teen is struggling with substance use or co-occurring mental health disorder, Next Generation Village is here to help. Contact us to learn more about the different treatment programs we offer and how they can fit your family’s needs.

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