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  • Adolescent Brain Development and Addiction: What We Know

    In November 2018, tens of thousands of people descended upon San Diego to get the inside scoop from some of the superstars in their field. No, it was not ComiCon. It was Neuroscience 2018, which featured dozens of presentations that revealed the results of cutting-edge research into the human brain. Hosted by the Society for […]

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  • Teens Ask: What Does Meth Do to You?

    Many parents and teens may wonder about the effects of methamphetamine, also called meth. Because meth is known for its near-immediate effects, it appeals to people who want a quick high. However, the drug can also have serious long-term effects — even months after you stop misusing it. The Deceptive Pleasure of Meth Meth causes […]

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  • Dentists, Vicodin and Your Teen: A Look at Prescribing Habits

    It is not uncommon for people to view dental visits with a sense of dread. Teenagers who get wisdom teeth pulled worry about the pain and discomfort they will experience after their surgery. Their parents may be more concerned about the possibility of their teen becoming dependent on post-op prescription pain medication. Can Teens Get […]

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  • Why Anabolic Steroids Are Dangerous

    Is steroid misuse a problem among teenagers? The latest Monitoring the Future survey found that only 1.1 percent of 10th-graders have used steroids in their lifetime. However, the fact that other substances are being misused more often by adolescents doesn’t make steroid misuse any less dangerous. What Are Steroids? Anabolic steroids are medications that are […]

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  • Purple Drank: The Codeine Cocktail

    Because of their creativity and persistence, teenagers have the capacity to do things that seem dangerous. These traits can also lead teens to produce innovative-yet-dangerous methods of achieving temporary pleasure and enjoyment. The party concoction known as purple drank falls into this second category. A Closer Look at Purple Drank Purple drank is known by […]

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