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  • Why We Need More Addiction Specialists Focused on Teens

    Written by: Melissa Lyon Edited by: Jonathan Strum Substance use can easily change the course of an adolescent’s life. The effects of drugs and alcohol can stunt brain development, cause debilitating addictions and lead to a variety of mental health conditions. Substance use can also cause teens to struggle academically, engage in reckless behavior, get […]

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  • How Next Generation Village Supports Teen Alumni

    Written by: Melissa Lyon Edited by: Melissa Carmona Addiction treatment can help prevent teens from carrying destructive behaviors and habits into adulthood. However, treatment at a rehab facility only creates a foundation from which patients can thrive. Lifelong recovery involves working through struggles in healthier, substance-free ways, but it’s far from an easy journey. This […]

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  • Helping Teens with Mental Health Conditions

    Written by: Melissa Lyon Edited by: Melissa Carmona Medically Reviewed by: Eric Patterson, LPC As a teacher or school counselor, helping a teen with mental health conditions is a challenging but rewarding task that requires resources and teamwork. Whether from depression, anxiety, autism, low self-esteem, high social stressors or other psychological issues, teens encounter many […]

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  • Guiding Teens With OCD Self-Care

    Written by: Dr. Tiffany Bell Edited by: Melissa Carmona Medically Reviewed by: Erika Krull, LMHP Adults can easily miss the early signs of OCD in adolescence. But with self-care, treatment and social support, teens can learn to live with OCD symptoms. The teen years are defined by turbulence and change. Adults can easily miss the […]

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  • Children’s Mental Health Week

    Written by: Melissa Lyon Edited by: Melissa Carmona Millions of children struggle with their mental health each year, and the annual Children’s Mental Health Week seeks to raise awareness in a variety of ways. The past year has been a difficult one for mental health. Parents reported an increase in their kids’ mental health symptoms […]

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