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  • Should School Systems Mandate Random Drug Testing for Students?

    On August 1 of this year, a Google search of the phrase “school drug testing” in the “News” category turned up two stories posted within the previous 24 hours. One was an Oklahoma-based column entitled “Here’s why random drug testing is a bad school policy” and the other was a high school sports article in […]

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  • What to Do If Your Teen Fails a School Drug Test?

    It is the phone call or scary letter that no parent wants to receive, the one from their teenager’s school that informs you about a failed drug test. These days, many secondary schools conduct random drug tests for anyone who participates in extracurricular activities in an effort to prevent drug misuse in high school and […]

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  • Early Puberty and Substance Misuse: What the Research Shows

    Parents, quick question: would you go back to your junior high school days again if you could? Many adults respond to that hypothetical situation with an emphatic “No.” Though they may have fond memories of friends or teachers, they probably recall their pre-adolescent life as being filled with apprehension, indecision and gloominess.  Such feelings are […]

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  • How to Help Your Teen Build a Support Network after Rehab

    The Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration has identified four components that make up a strong foundation for a sober life after completing substance use treatment: Health Home Purpose Community As a parent, you probably are capable of providing a home for a teen in recovery, and you might have a good grasp of […]

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  • Teens Ask: How Can I De-stress Without Alcohol or Drugs?

    Some adults yearn for their younger days when they were teenagers and had more energy, fewer responsibilities, and an ever-present carefree attitude. Perhaps these people have forgotten the stress that they dealt with as adolescents on a daily basis. As a modern teen, you face even more pressure and anxiety than any generation that came […]

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