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  • New Anti-Opioid Advertisements Aimed at Teens

    The Truth Initiative was once known for its heavy-hitting anti-cigarette ads, but now they’ve taken on a new topic—the teen opioid epidemic and opioid abuse in teens. The Truth Initiative created what they describe as a series of opioid ads aimed at educating and preventing the use of these substances. The series is called The […]

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  • Proposed Bill Will Bring Mental Health Days for Students in Florida

    A change could be coming in Florida, with proposed mental health days for students. The proposal was recently approved by a House panel in the state, and it would allow teens to cite mental health as their reason for excused absences. The bill, HB 315, would also let school districts change their attendance policies so […]

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  • Teen on LSD Dies in Car Crash; Father Says the School Could Have Warned Him

    While we often hear about teens and substance abuse, including alcohol and prescription drugs, one father in Colorado lost his son to a different substance. 17-year-old Caden Williamson died in a car accident, highlighting the dangers of LSD and driving. Caden crashed his car into a street pole while he was high on LSD and […]

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  • Next Generation Village Joins the Aetna Insurance Network

    Next Generation Village is now an in-network provider with Aetna, expanding coverage and access to drug and alcohol treatment programs for people in need of rehab and recovery.  By partnering with insurance providers like Aetna, we can widen the network of care to reach more clients who want comprehensive, evidence-based treatment for addiction. Becoming an […]

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  • Students in Colorado Can Now Get Mental Health Treatment Without Parental Consent Except in Denver

    The suicide of a 15-year-old last year in Colorado has led to a new surge of legislation aimed at helping improve access to mental health resources for depression and anxiety. Jack Padilla died by suicide in February 2019 when he was bullied by other students at Cherry Creek High School, located in the suburbs of […]

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