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  • How to Administer Narcan In the Event of an Opioid Overdose

    According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, thousands of Americans lose their lives each year from drug overdoses. Based on the deadly trend, it’s surprising that there isn’t more of a public awareness effort to reduce overdose deaths. The most effective way to save the life of an individual who has overdosed on […]

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  • To Test or Not to Test: A Parent’s Home Drug Testing Kit Dilemma

    For decades, parents have been examining their teenagers for alcohol or drug use. The “tests” the parents conducted rarely consisted of anything more than listening for slurred speech, and checking for bloodshot eyes, odors or telltale signs of intoxication. Now actual at-home drug testing kits are available for parental use. But is it a good […]

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  • The Link Between Social Difficulties and Drug Abuse Among Boys

    “That boy is bad news.” You may have heard another parent say that about a kid who tends to bully others, ignore authority or engage in undesirable behaviors like smoking, drinking or consuming drugs. Regardless of the accuracy of the observation, you may have wondered, “How did he turn out like this?” Sociologists have been […]

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  • Teens Ask: What Happens in Alcohol Detox?

    As some alcohol treatment professional will tell you, an important first step in addressing an alcohol use disorder is admitting that you have a problem. The second step is typically detoxification, which is also known as alcohol detox. The What and Why of Detox Detox is the time period that occurs from the time you […]

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  • Should Teens Take Benzos for Anxiety?

    Imagine that your teenager has a headache. Are you the type of parent who gives him or her some children’s aspirin or suggests hydration, rest or a natural remedy like nuts or peppermint oil? Or do you immediately reach for the “extra strength” pain reliever to reduce the headache as quickly as possible? While either […]

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