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  • Juul CEO Warns Against Vaping

      The CEO of Juul Labs, Kevin Burns, defends his company’s reputation in a new interview with CBS, while also explaining that they are not targeting new smokers. Juul has been under scrutiny for its marketing practices, which appear to target teens and young adults. In the interview, Burns would not comment on whether Juul […]

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  • School Program Aims to Teach Early Skills to Prevent Teen Drug Use

      Carteret County, North Carolina, has added a LifeSkills training to their school drug prevention curriculum. In an ongoing effort to discourage teen drug use, officials and educators have agreed that this evidence-based program provides useful messaging to teens who are introduced to drugs. These kinds of programs offer meaningful tools for teens to employ […]

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  • Clinic in the Netherlands Addresses Teen Gaming Addictions

      The concept of video game addiction and technology addiction, in general, is one that’s becoming a growing problem throughout the world. One facility in the Netherlands is working on pioneering how video game addiction is recognized and treated. The Yes We Can youth clinics are the only addiction treatment centers for young people in […]

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  • Las Vegas Program Helps Teens Recover from Addiction

      In the midst of a national opioid crisis, communities and authorities are innovating to provide solutions. After collecting data in the Las Vegas Valley, an estimated 30,000 teens were forecasted to stand a high chance of drug and alcohol addiction. In response to the problem of teen addiction, the state of Nevada began funding […]

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  • More Schools to Drug Test Students As Early as Age 11

      In 2002, Board of Education v. Earls voted forward policies by the Supreme Court that allowed drug testing in schools. The vote was largely accomplished due to the prevalence of underage drug use in schools. While drug testing high school athletes have a significant history in public schools, randomly testing all students is increasing. […]

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