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  • Teens: 9 Great Reasons to Go to Rehab Now

    It is okay. You do not have to admit it to anyone or even say it out loud, but you know deep down that something is just not right. Maybe it is related to the drinking and the drug-taking, and maybe it is not. Here is the thing: unless you are absolutely sure about what […]

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  • Should You Give Your Kids Alcohol at Home?

    “Why shouldn’t I let my kids taste alcohol while they’re at home? All those European kids do it, and they turn out fine. Maybe that’s the secret to preventing my kid from abusing alcohol when he/she gets older!” Many parents embrace this approach toward alcohol and teens or tweens. However, there is no clear-cut evidence […]

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  • Distinguishing Normal Teen Behavior from Early Warning Signs of Addiction

    Novelist William Landay once said, “The interior of a teenager's mind is an endless war between Stupid and Clever.”  Though those words may sound a bit harsh, parents of teenagers will probably find a kernel of truth in them. The trouble is, it can be difficult to figure out whether teens are just being their […]

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  • Teen Trends: Is Vaping Safe?

    Here is a brain teaser. Which one of these was invented first? Automated teller machine (ATM) Mobile phone Electronic cigarette Arpanet (precursor to the Internet) Believe it or not, the answer is C. The first prototype of an e-cigarette was built in 1965 by Herman A. Gilbert, who is credited with the creation of vaping. […]

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  • Shattering 3 Myths About Teen Drug Use

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