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Alcohol and Drug Rehab Referral

In addition to accepting admissions inquiries from a teen’s concerned parents or loved ones, Next Generation Village is always happy to accept drug rehab referrals from professionals. We value our relationships with these doctors, social workers and other professionals because they give expert insight to a teen, their personality and medical history. Our

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takes in all of these details when talking with a referral source so we can provide the teen with the best care possible.

doctor calling in a rehab referral

We accept referrals from many clinical and non-clinical groups, including:

  • Pediatricians and other primary care physicians
  • Therapists
  • Psychologists
  • Psychiatrists
  • Hospitals
  • Staff at substance abuse treatment centers
  • Detox center staff
  • Social workers
  • School counselors
  • Judicial systems
  • Next Generation Village alumni

Our substance abuse referral and intake processes ensure a teen will be a good fit for our Florida rehab center and the services we provide. If we cannot facilitate the teen’s care, Next Generation Village also has a drug rehab referral service in which we work with your family to find a teen rehab facility best suited to serve your child’s needs. Understanding how to pick a drug rehab center can make all the difference for families struggling with addiction.

doctor referring a patient

Once admitted to the Next Generation Village program, our experienced clinicians will regularly update your teen’s doctor or other appropriate referrers of their progress. Maintaining this close relationship throughout a teen’s treatment is crucial to our program’s success.

We want all Next Generation Village teens to have a firm support system in place when they leave addiction rehab in Florida and regularly work with resources in a teen’s hometown — including the person or group who referred them to us — to coordinate rehab aftercare.

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