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Finding Addiction Treatment for Your Teen While Uninsured

When a child or teen struggles with mental health concerns or substance use, prompt and effective treatment may be necessary. Over 60% of adolescents in community-based addiction treatment programs have symptoms of mental health disorders, such as anxiety, depression and PTSD. Substance use can worsen mental health conditions, and poor mental health can lead to substance use. The relationship is stronger in adolescents whose minds are still developing behaviors like decision-making and impulse control. This is why it’s important to treat both addiction and mental health simultaneously.

The problem for many — children and parents alike — is that they need therapy but are worried about costs. While cost should never get in the way of a teen’s life-saving treatment, many people assume they need an employer’s health insurance to afford care at all. When a parent has lost their job, cannot afford insurance premiums or does not have enough income, they may believe getting help will be impossible.

Fortunately, there are many programs designed to help these families find affordable or free rehab for teens.

paying for rehab without insurance

Affordable Insurance Options

If you recently lost your job, it doesn’t automatically mean you lose your health coverage. Your employer may offer COBRA coverage for dependents, which allows you to continue coverage through the employer’s health insurance plan. However, this is often more expensive than what you’d pay when you were employed, as your employer usually won’t continue providing the benefit of helping pay your premium.

If COBRA coverage is too expensive, you may have luck through the marketplace. Losing health insurance counts as a change of life event, meaning you can qualify for a special enrollment period. You may find an affordable insurance plan through the marketplace and receive premium tax credits if your income is under a certain level, which helps pay your premium each month.

Families with low incomes can also consider Medicaid, a federally-funded program to provide health insurance to this group, including substance use disorder and mental health treatment per the Affordable Care Act.

Even without insurance, many rehabilitation facilities, like Next Generation Village, can provide monthly payment plans to make treatment more affordable. Some families will also crowdfund their child’s treatment so that other loved ones can contribute and offset costs.

Low-Cost Treatment Options for Teens

There are many low-cost or, in some cases, free child rehab and therapy resources throughout the country. Low-income families may benefit from addiction and mental health treatment programs funded by state and federal agencies. Other outlets for in-person counseling may be private therapists who offer sliding scale payments for different income levels and local nonprofit organizations.

State-funded rehab centers allow people without insurance or sufficient finances to receive life-changing addiction treatment. These facilities can provide low-cost or free rehab to adolescents and adults, including detox, inpatient and outpatient treatment, to help patients learn how to cope with addiction and begin recovery.

Parents can find low-cost or free addiction and mental health services in their area with the Behavioral Health Treatment Services Locator or by calling the SAMHSA helpline.

Teletherapy or Online Rehab

Online counseling and rehab treatment have become incredibly popular in the wake of the COVID-19 pandemic. These services allow teens and adults to receive care while still at home, helping avoid extra travel costs. The Recovery Village, a sister facility to Next Generation Village, offers telehealth services for substance use disorders, mental health issues and co-occurring conditions, with licensed therapists, flexible scheduling and effective, evidence-based treatment.

Your Child’s Recovery Comes First

Some teens may wonder how to go to therapy without their parents knowing, but a parent’s biggest priority should be to ensure their child’s mental health is taken care of. This may mean having a sometimes uncomfortable talk with your child about mental health, substance use and treatment. If you’re worried about the costs, there are affordable options available, but it’s important to understand that price should never be a barrier to your child’s health.

If your teen is struggling with substance use or a co-occurring mental health disorder, Next Generation Village is here to help. Contact us today to learn about treatment plans and affordable programs that can work well for your situation.


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