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Drug Rehab & Insurance

Dealing with insurance issues isn’t easy. In fact, it might be even harder than you thought. In a study conducted by the American Institutes for Research, three-quarters of participants said they were confident that they understood their health insurance plans, and knew about what was covered and what they should pay. But when researchers tested that knowledge, only 20 percent really knew how the plans worked. The rest couldn’t calculate how much they’d be asked to pay for a routine visit to the doctor.

Gaps in knowledge like this might ruin your household budget, especially if you’re planning to spend a little on addiction treatment for your child but the insurance company hopes you’ll pick up a larger share of the tab. In some cases, a lack of knowledge could keep you from giving your teen the help he or she so desperately needs. For example, suggests that insurance plans that originate in the federal health care marketplace must provide coverage for substance abuse, and those coverage plans can’t include waiting periods. So if your child is enrolled in a plan like this, the teen shouldn’t have to wait for care, and some of the cost of care should be covered by insurance.

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But this is a relatively new provision, and many families may not understand that they have coverage for addiction care. Older health insurance plans weren’t required to provide this kind of coverage, and families who didn’t read the details of the new plans might be confused about what they’ve purchased and what it all means. At Next Generation Village Teen Drug and Alcohol Rehab, we can help.

As part of our enrollment process, we’ll determine:

  • What insurance plan you’re expecting to use for your child
  • What services your plan covers
  • What services aren’t covered
  • What your portion of the payment will be
  • What paperwork your insurance company requires for enrollment

We can handle all of the details involving insurance payments and coverage, so your family can focus on providing your child with the health care and support required for a full recovery from addiction.

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We provide all of this help free of charge, as a part of the service we deliver to families in need. And if you choose to enroll with a different addiction company at the end of our investigation process, we won’t be offended. We can even help you to find a better treatment fit, if the care we provide isn’t in line with the coverage your plan provides.

Please call, and we’ll tell you more about how this process works. We can even get the enrollment process started right over the phone. Just call.

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