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Daily Schedule

At Next Generation Village, we use structured daily rehab activities and personal reflection time to help transform the lives of teenagers addicted to drugs and alcohol.

A Typical Day at Next Generation Village

Every day at Next Generation Village, your teen takes one step closer to living a healthy, sober life. We value the progress every new day can bring, so each day on our Florida rehab campus is purposeful and focused toward meeting that goal. teens sitting in a meeting To get there, your teen will write a new goal each day. Their daily aspiration is shared with the entire Next Generation Village team so everyone — from their peers to the staff — can help them accomplish it. The day ends with a discussion of their progress toward that goal. These two meetings are part of a heavily-structured daily rehab schedule — a stability our patients thrive on following the uncertainty and chaos of addiction — to provide a balance between support groups, recreational therapies, academics, and personal time for reflection. Just as if they were living at home, your teen will also be responsible for completing daily chores and cleaning their room weekly.  

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