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Our Education Specialists ensure that your child’s education remains a priority during treatment at Next Generation Village. Many of our patients struggle with addiction-related academic difficulties, and we provide specialized educational intervention to bring them back on track with their peers.

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Your child benefits from instruction in our therapeutic classroom, as they learn alongside peers who are also striving for recovery. Teens spend two full hours of each weekday focusing on their studies. Our Education Specialists work in alignment with your child’s teachers back home to ensure that your teen stays on track with their peers and not miss a beat after rehab.

Each student learns differently, especially when they are battling addiction. To help our patients thrive academically, we utilize curriculum from Florida Virtual School, Khan Academy and each student’s local school district, based on their current academic level, their school’s goals and any special accommodations they may require.

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During your child’s rehab program, education must reach beyond traditional school subjects. Thus, we also provide formal schooling on emotion management, behavior modification and interpersonal relationships. These life skills are crucial to your child’s future and are necessary for continued recovery.

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