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Why Next Generation Village Teen Drug and Alcohol Rehab?

_SBW7698 The Next Generation Village Teen Drug and Alcohol Rehab philosophy is simple — to empower your teen so they can overcome substance addiction. We take both a clinical and medical approach to treatment, giving your teen concrete building blocks to serve as the foundation of the road to recovery. This empowerment enables our young patients to overcome the trauma or pain behind their substance abuse, strengthens their resolve in maintaining sobriety, and lets them leave their treatment program with confidence and a new outlook on life.

We have a true focus on teen recovery.

Patient care is paramount to recovery. Every child deserves to receive treatment from addiction and every child can be successful with a commitment to recovery. This sense of ownership can be empowering, but also scary, which is why our expert medical and clinical staff is here to guide your child every step of the way. Building genuine relationships with our patients is crucial — our entire staff, from receptionist to director, want to know your child so we can help them stay focused on their recovery.

We provide personalized, all-encompassing care.

Our addiction treatment plans address addictions at the source, focusing on the underlying psychology, traumas or co-occurring disorders that may be influencing the substance use. We have developed our own 10/10 Therapeutic Experience to accomplish this, kicking off the recovery process by tailoring the first 10 days of treatment to your child’s specific needs.

We provide positive reinforcement.

Adolescence is hard enough already — with hormonal changes, social expectations, and academic pressures. An addiction to drugs or alcohol adds an entirely new set of dangerous circumstances to the mix. From the time they walk through the doors, we employ positive reinforcement to ensure our teens get all the help and encouragement they need and deserve. Hurtful outbursts and confrontation are met with love and understanding because we know it’s the disease talking, not the child. Our therapeutic programming teaches teens to deal with these unique stressors and triggers, in addition to the normal growing pains every teenager experiences.

We believe in family support.

Mother and daughter smiling and laughing Our Florida rehab center is a safe space for recovering teens, but eventually, everyone must go home. That’s why our full continuum of care is as much about teaching your child to understand and overcome their addiction as it is about teaching the whole family unit these things. Family education — through therapy sessions and support groups like Al-Anon and Nar-Anon — is a key part of the recovery experience, and returning to an understanding home after rehab will help your teen maintain their sobriety.

We encourage an expressive environment.

Recovery is a deeply emotional experience. Personal expression can be soothing and is an essential part of the recovery journey. Take a tour of our Florida rehab facility and you’ll see patients’ artwork on the walls, handmade motivational posters or a teen writing poetry in their journal — some of the many healthy ways our patients express themselves.

We promote education.

Teens come to Next Generation Village Teen Drug and Alcohol Rehab to build better lives for themselves. Our patients invest time in their education, taking classes daily to keep up with their curriculum with the help of our Education Specialists.

We provide gender-specific treatment.

We treat all genders at Next Generation Village Teen Drug and Alcohol Rehab, but split accommodations and therapy groups by male and female — we’ve found gender-separate rehab to be most effective. Separation fosters a distraction-free environment and makes sharing easier for everyone. Especially for adolescents, boys and girls often have different needs throughout the recovery process and separate groups allow therapists to address common difficulties in a more targeted fashion.

We teach skills for long-term recovery.

We teach our teens sober living techniques and coping skills so they can maintain their sobriety after they leave our Florida campus. Exercise, meditation, arts and crafts, and other forms of recreation are all examples of strategies our teens learn to use. Coupled with our comprehensive aftercare services that connect patients with treatment providers in their hometown, our teens leave Next Generation Village Teen Drug and Alcohol Rehab with the skills and resources to successfully continue their recovery on their own.

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