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What We Treat

Boy looking off into the ocean At Next Generation, we help teenagers addicted to drugs or alcohol, teaching coping skills and guiding them on the road to lifelong recovery. The contexts surrounding their addictions and home environments may vary, but they each have some crucial things in common: these 13- through 17-year-olds know they have a problem with drugs or alcohol, they want to change their lives for the better, and they’re willing to work hard to get there.

Teen Alcohol Addiction

Teen alcohol addiction is one of the most common addictions we treat at Next Generation Village. Teen drinking is not only illegal, but it affects school grades, can lead to trouble with the law and can lead to dangerous addictive behaviors. We assess our teens in order to treat alcohol abuse addiction at the source.

Teen Drug Addiction

No matter the drug — from hard narcotics like heroin and cocaine, to club drugs like Molly and LSD, to household drugs like inhalants and prescription pills — we are equipped to help a child overcome their drug addiction.


Mom and teenage daughter sitting outside together Want want parents like you to be involved in your teen’s recovery. Addiction affects the entire family, and your teen will need your love and support as they journey towards sobriety. At Next Generation Village, families are able to participate in therapy and support groups as well as fun weekend events.

Recovering Addicts in Relapse

However disappointing it may feel at the time, relapse sometimes happens during addiction recovery. We’re here to catch your child if they fall and help them get back on the track to sobriety. We will work with relapsing adolescents — both Next Generation Village alumni and new patients — struggling with addiction so they can kick the habit for good.

Teens with Co-Occurring Disorders

Often, addiction can co-occur with an underlying mental health disorder, further complicating the effects of both. We address all co-occurring disorders with an integrated treatment approach in order to help our teens heal completely. Young woman pondering outside

Programming Tailored to Teens

Our addiction recovery programming is customized for each individual patient and their family. This process begins with a comprehensive intake assessment so we can learn about your teen and their disease before crafting a customized treatment plan. We provide 10 individualized forms of treatment during a teen’s first 10 days of their program — our signature 10/10 Therapeutic Experience.

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