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Letter From Our Director

Every teenager we treat has a unique story when they arrive at Next Generation Village. We help your child take back control of their life and make their journey a tale of victory and healing — all while nestled in the serenity of our waterside campus in Sebring, Florida.

At Next Generation Village, we welcome your teenager warmly and without judgment. This attitude stems from the fact that we understand addiction is a medical disease that requires treatment — just the same as any other life-threatening illness.

All of us at Next Generation Village — from our therapists to our doctors and nurses to our chef — are dedicated to caring for our patients. In fact, our expert treatment team meets daily to discuss each and every individual patient. We’ll talk about your son or daughter’s progress, their struggles, and how we can better address their personal recovery needs.

Next Generation Village’s fully-credentialed staff utilizes cognitive behavioral therapy (CBT), a method that identifies and challenges the maladaptive thought processes that drive addiction disease.

Our patients play an active role in their own rehabilitation. We maintain an open door policy so that patients know the staff is available when they need some extra support. Also, the family remains an important part of recovery — your continued loving encouragement is crucial.

Recovery is a soothing process at our campus in serene Sebring, Florida. Patients are nourished by nutritious meals prepared by a professional chef. Experienced educators help your teen stay on track with their academics. When they’re not engaged in therapy sessions or school work, the kids play friendly games of basketball with staff and fellow patients, write in their journals or just lounge poolside beneath the warm sunshine. One of the wonders of recovery is watching your child re-learn to enjoy these simple pleasures.

Every day, I am energized by the chance to help teens change their lives — there can be a beautiful rainbow after the storm! No matter who you entrust with your child’s recovery, it is my sincere hope that your family finds healing and peace.

With hope,

Lisa M. Chrisco, MHSA, Clinical Director

Next Generation Village


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